Pajek to SVG Anim - Visualization of temporal networks in SVG

  1. Papers:
    • Paper for DSI-2006 (in Slovene)
    • Paper for Uporabna Informatika (in Slovene)
  2. Download PajekToSvgAnim:
    • version (ZIP, 3720K, February 28, 2012). Change in vertex color is animated.
    • version (ZIP, 3720K, December 8, 2008). Choice for showing vertex values is added in the HTML window. manual (PDF) example (Reuters network, counts of appearances of words can be shown as vertex values)
    • version (ZIP, 2642K, August 17, 2007). Vertex size and line width factors are added in the program GUI. manual (PDF)
    • version (ZIP, 2753K, July 2007). Contains an installation of PajekToSvgAnim. Extract it on your disk. Besides the program PajekToSvgAnim there are also some examples. You have to install a SVG viewer plug-in into your web browser. For example Adobe SVG viewer (it is free):
      • Balkan (balkan.paj and time.txt + visualizations on *.htm, *.svg and *.svg.gz)
      • Linden (linden.paj and time.txt + visualizations on *.htm, *.svg and *.svg.gz)
      • Patents (patents.paj + visualizations on *.htm, *.svg and *.svg.gz)
      • Reuters (reuters.paj and time.txt + visualizations on *.htm, *.svg and *.svg.gz)
      • Sampson (sampson.paj and time.txt + visualizations on *.htm, *.svg and *.svg.gz)
    • version (ZIP, 2642K, February 2007); manual (PDF)
    • version (ZIP, 2641K, June 2006); manual (PDF)
  3. Examples (You need a SVG viewer installed):

10. November 2008 / 25. May 2006

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