Scale-free networks in Pajek

Subject: [Rutgers University] Pajek usage
From: "Jocelyn A. Alexander" <>
Date: Sat, March 1, 2008 15:51
Could you please let me know what the variables in the scale-free equation (Pajek
Manual, last equation on page 18) mean?

As it is written in the manual - it is a generalization of the model from D.M. Pennock etal., Winners don’t take all. The model from this paper you get if you put α = β - since in directed graph deg(v)=indeg(v)+outdeg(v).

What does 'beta' (Pajek Manual, last equation on page 18) represent? Also, when
creating scale-free networks in Pajek, it asks for "Initial Erdos-Renyi graph -
number of vertices". What is the reason for asking so? Or, Why are the number of
vertices and initial probability of lines of Erdos-Renyi graph important when
creating a scale-free network?

Look in Lada Adamic's Lecture 7 (winter 2006).

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