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Run Pajek from C++


I'm trying to start Pajek from my C++ program which is part of a VS2008 project. I followed the instructions on this page but I do not know how to actually get Pajek to apply a layout and draw the network from an existing .net file. I had this 11 JS Dev Tools - for more support. I've created the .bat file that starts Pajek and I call it this way:

   system("F:\\MSc Project\\Pajek\\runPajek.bat");

Following the example on the above link, I'm supposed to execute

   deg <- scan(file="D:/vlado/projects/stat/R/Pajek/may.clu",skip=1)
   t <- table(deg)

Can that be run from C++? If yes, how?

Thank you, Mihaela.


You should address such questions to Pajek mailing list. Here nobody will see it. A.


Ok, thanks, I will do that. Mihaela.

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