I am sorry. I solved this problem by myself. Pajek finished 100 repetitions; the output meant that it just couldn't decrease error any more within 100 repetitions. So, if you want more repetitions and possibly smaller error, just increase the repetition. Thank you.

I am engaging in a blockmoldeling. My data contains 31 vertices and 153 lines. I designated 7 clusters, 100 repetitions and regular equivalence in my model. The result is as follows. It seems that the program always stopped before finishing 100 repetitions and the time spend is always 10 seconds. I want to finish this calculation. Tell me, please, how to extend the calculation time for blockmodeling in Pajek or any other ways to finish my calculation.



 Repetition:     1,        Error=     8.000
 Repetition:     4,        Error=     8.000
 Repetition:    10,        Error=     8.000
 Repetition:    13,        Error=     8.000
 Repetition:    22,        Error=     8.000
 Repetition:    25,        Error=     6.000
 Repetition:    30,        Error=     4.000

71% finished. Time spent: 0:00:10 Time spent: 0:00:14 (continued).

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