WoS2Pajek - creating author x author network


Subject:   	WoS2Pajek - creating author x author network
From:   	"Julie M. Hite" <julie_hite@byu.edu>
Date:   	Mon, February 18, 2008 23:40
Thank you for your response to my question last week.  We are making progress with
our project.  Now I have another question.  I am also sending this to the Pajek
I am trying to create a collaboration network based on authors from a WoS
extraction, using WoS2Pajek.
I have exported a WoS file using "Full Record & Citations" and successfully used
WoS2Pajek to create the .net files, etc.
When I import the WA.net file to Pajek and transform it to a 1 mode network (by
COLS) to an author x author network, the .net file includes vertices for all
"actual" authors as well as all "cited" authors.  The arcs are only between the
actual article authors (no arcs to or between the cited authors).  However, all of
the "cited authors" still remain as isolate vertices.
My question is:  Given my task is to create an author x author network (of only the
actual articles, not cited articles), how can I extract only the only the actual
authors and their ties?


The answer is in a 'trick' I used to eliminate the deleted projects (slide 3) in Analysis of European Projects on Simulation or to select male/female in genealogies (matrices J and L, page 19) in Analysis of Kinship Relations With Pajek (the proof version (with errors) and corrections).

Let WA be the work x author network and AW its transpose. Let D be a (diagonal) network obtained from the DC (described/ cited) partition such that there is a loop only in the described vertices.

I asked Andrej to include the corresponding operation in Pajek, but I couldn't find it. The network D can be produced in some steps as follows:

  • select the DC partition
  • transform it into a vector
  Partition/Make Vector
  • produce an empty work x work network (nw is the number of works)
  Net/Random Network/Total No. of Arcs  [nw][0]
  • insert vector as the values of loops into it
  Operations/Vector/Put Loops/as Arcs

Then the product of networks AW * D * WA is the author x author network considering only works with descriptions.

You have still to eliminate the isolated authors from it:

  • determine the degree of its vertices (cited only authors have degree 0)
  • preserve in the network only non-isolated vertices (degree > 0)
  Operations/Extract from Network/Partition [1-*]


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