I have successfully created several, 500+ node networks. Everything works fine, except the vertice colors are not changing/updating. Here's a sample set of lines on my files:

1 “a” 0.7904 0.2001 ic Red bc Red 2 “b” 0.5758 0.2295 ic Green bc Green 3 “c” 0.4075 0.6572 ic Orange bc Green 4 “d” 0.2962 0.2994 ic Yellow bc Green

Is there a limit to the number of vertices that can be colored? (e.g. vertice colors will not change with more than 500 nodes)

I have already ensured that “Options-Colors-Vertices-As Defined on Input File” has been checked, and I am able to get colored vertices with smaller networks (with 20 vertices). I can send the actual file for better clarification.

I appreciate your help



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