I am developing a simple Java application for generating social graphs based on the relations of the registered users in Facebook. My application generates a .NET file that I want to use on PAJEK to draw and analyse the graph, but PAJEK says that my file seems to be created under UNIX or corrupted, both things being false. I can open the file on Windows with any text editor without problems. If I copy and paste the content of the file to a new file created from the text editor on Windows, or just open the file and save it agan, then it works. I guess PAJEK is looking for some classic header value or character in the file that doesn't exist and therefor it believes that it's a file that it cannot process. I use a quite standar way to create the .NET file, with an FileWriter in Java and tried with several output formats, like UTF8, ASCII and others Windows propetaries without succeeding. Any clues on this?

Thanks a lot, Luis

Hi Luis,

I had a similar Problem with my .mat files. It worked after I changed my Java code to produce systemdependent linebreaks (instead of \n): public static final String NL = System.getProperty(“line.separator”);

Best, Kerstin

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