You can copy in some text editor values from CLU file to NET file by columns next to labels. Andrej

As part of my research on Japanese creative networks, I first create a list of all the creators in a network ranked by the number of winning ads for which they receive credit. This is easy to do outside of Pajek, using Filemaker and DataDesk. Now I want to see which of the members on this list occupy articulation points when I perform a bicomponents analysis of the network using Pajek. Extracting the articulation points and using the edit partition command, I can see the list of creators that occupy articulation points. When, however, I save the partition and open it using a text editor, the names of the creators have disappeared. That is, of course, because of the way in which .clu files are stored. Is there anyway to get Pajek to export the list of names instead of the .clu file?

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