Fifth ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 30th Jul. - 14th Aug. 2010
Course 21: Network analysis

Teacher: Vladimir Batagelj
Teaching Assistant: Anja Žnidaršič

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Evaluation survey

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Course materials

Pajek: program, datasets

July 25, 2010: There were some problems with Pajek's file operations on Windows 7. Last two weeks Andrej worked hard and we hope that the problems are now resolved. At

two versions of Pajek 1.28 are available.

  • Pajek128 - standard Pajek with old version of Windows GUI; and
  • Pajek128Win7 - Pajek with new version of Windows GUI, but smaller free memory - can be used for networks with at most million vertices.

Both versions can be used on all 32-bit versions of Windows; Pajek128Win7 will produce fancier GUI on Windows 7. If you don't care about the fancy GUI use the standard version which can deal with larger networks.

Special datasets

Additional readings


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  • S. Wasserman, K. Faust: Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications. CUP, 1994. Amazon.
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  • P. Doreian, V. Batagelj, A. Ferligoj: Generalized Blockmodeling, CUP, 2004. Amazon.


All published in: Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science. (Meyers, Robert A., Ed.), Springer, Heidelberg 2009.




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